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Poster: craven714 Date: May 21, 2014 7:56am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Hey craven ~ busted

so the question is did you put the ear buds in
(neighbors would not want to hear that),the mouth ball gag on, create a safety word and listen to it?
I know this is WAY too late. At least you got over the denial phase before the angry and sad stuff came.

So lets get onto some positive GD...

I could go for some 77, but I don't have enough $ to buy it now. Thanks official releases
At least I know its allll good.
Sounds like strat had the best time:
Reviewer: stratocaster - "the show was tits up"
(OK, he didn't title it, I did)
January 21, 2006
Subject: vegas 95
Easily one of the best shows of 1995. After two clunkers, I really enjoyed this's not as evident on the recordings but Garcia's guitar sounded great live that day...clear and loud...Ramble On Rose, Tom Thumb's Blues and So Many Roads deserve mention as being excellent "best of era" versions..Jack Straw and West LA are delivered tight and well played...Samson got the crowd dancing, but when they started up Unbroken Chain a huge cheer went through the crowd like a giant wave...Eyes of the World has a great ensemble feel, Corrinna is one of the best versions out there, the post Corrinna jam is very cool...Spanish Jam materializes out of Space...and transitions into Other One...Days Between and Sugar Magnolia end the show in style...I remember taking my time to leave after the show and a spontaneous drum circle breaks out in the infield of the stadium, this event security chick who's next to me gets on her walkie-talkie and says "Uh-Oh they're playing drums"...hilarious...5 for 1995 shows, 3 in the grand sceme of things overall...I'll give it a 4, because I'm a dick and to thrwart the haters.. it is worth a listen...
gonna tool through this 95 and the Carter Beaufords drumz session, just as an appetizer before the 74 main course.
Talk about uh-oh, they're playin drums